For this tutorial I assume you are using a  Debian/Ubuntu Linux system but it could be easily adapted for other Openrating Systems

Install the software

apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk  
wget [](
tar xvfz apache-karaf-4.0.2.tar.gz

Start the server

cd apache-karaf-4.0.2/

Install additional connectors

ssh -p 8101 karaf@localhost
feature:repo-add camel 2.16.0
feature:install camel camel-blueprint camel-twitter camel-jackson camel-dropbox

Configure our routes

Create two new files: twitter-to-file.xml```

<blueprint xmlns=“"        xmlns:xsi=“"        xmlns:camel=“"        xsi:schemaLocation=”">



                         ${in.header.twitter-id}                     ${body}                  

                                                ${body}\n                     ${in.header.CamelFileName}/${date:now:yyyy}/${date:now:MM}/${date:now:dd}                   twitter-streaming-sample.xml                           sample