Below a sample of howto schedule an Amzon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) cluster resize. It is useful if you have a cluster that is less used during the nights or in the weekends

I used a lambda function triggered by a Cloudwatch rule. Here is my python lambda function

import boto3, json


def lambda_handler(event, context):
    region = event["region"]
    ClusterId = event["ClusterId"]
    InstanceGroupId = event["InstanceGroupId"]
    InstanceCount = int(event['InstanceCount'])
    if InstanceCount >= MIN and InstanceCount <= MAX:
        client = boto3.client('emr', region_name=region)
        response = client.modify_instance_groups(
            InstanceGroups= [{
                "InstanceGroupId": InstanceGroupId,
                "InstanceCount": InstanceCount
        return response
        msg = "EMR cluster id %s (%s): InstanceCount=%d is NOT allowed [%d,%d]" % (ClusterId, region, InstanceGroupId, InstanceCount, MIN,MAX)
        return {"response": "ko", "message": msg}

Below the CloudWatch rule where the input event is a constant json object like 

{"region": "eu-west-1","ClusterId": "j-dsds","InstanceGroupId": "ig-sdsd","InstanceCount": 8}