Parsing qliksense healthcheck api results

Abstract When you do a stress test/troubleshooting of a qliksense node it is useful to collect the responses of the healthcheck api and extract some useful info from them (which and how many applications were loaded in memory, …) Collecting data I usually use the command line tool qsense for querying the Qliksense repository while [ 1 ] do qsense healthcheck ~/certificates/qlik/client.pem >> healthcheck.jl sleep 60 done Each line of the file healthcheck....

September 15, 2021 · 3 min · 445 words · Matteo Redaelli


The aws_ext python package contains some useful functions (built on top of boto3) for managing some aws services. At the moment only some utilities for the Aws Glue Data catalog Installation pip install aws_ext Usage import boto3 import aws_ext session = boto3.session.Session() GLUE from aws_ext import glue_databases glue_client = session.client("glue") Extracting tables with (too) many versions glue_databases.get_tables_with_many_versions(glue_client, database_name="mydb", threshold=1) Deleting old tables versions glue_databases.delete_old_tables_versions(glue_client, database_name="mydb", keep=1, dryrun=True)

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qsense python library and comamnd line tool for qliksense

qSense qsense is an python library and command line tool for qliksense Some useful commands export_remove_old_apps Export (published or passing any other filter) applications to qvd files qsense export_delete_old_apps ~/certificates/client.pem --target_path '/tmp' --modified_days=300 --last_reload_days=300 deallocate_analyzer_licenses_for_professionals Deallocate analyzer license fom users with a professional license qsense deallocate_analyzer_licenses_for_professionals ~/certificates/client.pem --nodryrun delete_removed_exernally_users Delete users that were removed externally (from active directory?) qsense delete_removed_exernally_users ~/certificates/client.pem GROUP --nodryrun

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Emacs package sql-sqlline and python package sqlu

Few days ago I published the following two opensource packages: sql-sqlline: an emacs package that extends sql package for quering less known databases (aws redshift, aws athena, ..) sqlu: a python package for extracting tables from sql select statements Comments: buy Andriol - Mar 2, 2020I don’t know if it’s just me or if perhaps everybody else experiencing issues with yor site. It appears as though some of the written text on your posts are running off the screen....

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